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Alformet believes in easy access to the CFR Thermoplastic tube technology to support your business and overcome challenges. Like when you want to introduce new products (fast prototyping) or when you need parts to complete your model for testing or experimenting. Whatever the background of your need, Alformet offers you a number of standard inner diameters to build tubes with fast delivery. You can find these options in the form on the right. 

The required information consists of:

  • Dimensions and amount, noting that the wall thickness is indicative due to tolerance on the applied tape thickness;
  • UD Tape/Material type: in the order of price level (low to high):
    • PP: average performance for specific applications
    • PA6: good performance and very versatile
    • PC: high performance with moderate price level
    • PEEK: excellent performance with high price level
  • Load condition:
    • Bending: fibres oriented to resist deflection
    • Torsion: fibres designed to take torsional loads
    • Internal pressure: reinforcement designed to take up internal pressure
    • Combined: combination of the different loads in one product

Fill in the form and you will receive our proposal by e-mail without any obligation. 

If you need a customized solution, please contact us using the button below.

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