Industry is taking more and more advantage of thermoplastic composite components. For components like seals, bearings and bushings, our CFR thermoplastic tube material is the ideal material to forge robust behavior with very long life cycles. Each variation of thermoplastics have their own unique characteristics that can be matched with your lubrication or chemical resistance requirements.

Thermoplastic composites (CFR TP) for bearings and seals

Bearing (© Greene Tweed)

Inserts and overmolding process combined with thermoplastic composites (CFR TP)

Inserts and overmolding

For the local reinforcement of injection molded products, so called inserts made from CFR Thermoplastic tubes/rings are best suitable. Inserts are often made from metal which is difficult to seperate when the thermoplastic product is recycled. Inserts made from CFR Thermoplastic material work very well as local reinforcement and can easily be recycled without seperation.

Another interesting technology is overmolding of CFR Thermoplastic parts, where the best of two worlds is combined. By selecting one and the same thermoplastic material for the injection molding part and as matrix for the composite material, you increase the quality of the product and the recyclability at the end of the life time.