Applications and markets

Fiber reinforced thermoplastic tubes have applications in many different areas and we’re confident that many elements that form part of a design, can in principle be made from fiber reinforced thermoplastic material. Some great examples are bicycle frames, steering shafts, bearings, bushes and seals - all typical components that are operating under heavy load conditions and where the life time can be enhanced by using modern materials and their advanced properties. In addition harsh environments can result in challenging conditions that can be tolerated without problems using fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials.

Directly benefiting from weight reduction, enhanced product performance and improved product durability and recyclability, taking a further step and optimizing your design to take advantage of thermoplastic reinforced tubes presents you with the opportunity to unleash your product’s ultimate potential!

There are many examples of markets where our continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic tubes have contributed significant additional value. Use these overviews to stimulate your imagination and inspire new ideas.

Machine and Equipment

Products and components, that have to operate under heavy load conditions and are subject to considerable wear, are typical in this diverse market segment.

Examples: Conveyor rolls (conveying of material and goods), drivetrains and pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

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Thermoplastic composites (CFR TP) in machines and equipment

hydraulic cylinder at the top (© Parker)

Thermoplastic composites (CFR TP) in self lubricating bearings

Self-Lubricating Fiberglass Reinforced Bearing (© GGB)


Thermoplastic composite components are becoming more widely used in industrial settings, and are ideal for seals, bearings and bushings. Our CFR thermoplastic tube materials exhibit superlative performance where extended product life cycles are important.

Also processes like overmolding or the application of inserts in injection molding products are used in many industries, with CFR Thermoplastic material is improving product performance.

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Automotive and Small trucks

The automotive market faces many challenges with increasing constraints being imposed due to emission regulations. Electrification of vehicles and transport limitations in congested areas will drive changes in both vehicle size and transmission. These changes demand the use of lighter and better performing materials and components like our fiber reinforced thermoplastic tubes.

Examples: Steering, electromotor and drivetrain shafts.

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Thermoplastic composites (CFR TP) in Automotive
Thermoplastic composites (CFR TP) applied in Offshore - Marine - Ship Building

Offshore - Marine - Ship building

Whilst this market is characteristically diverse, the aggressive nature of the environment is the overriding common factor. This has led to the creation of a significant Maintenance and Repair service business in the sector. Taking advantage of fiber reinforced thermoplastic products can help increase life time and reduce maintenance costs of products operating in such harsh conditions.

Examples: Elements (f.i. handrails) on oil/gas rigs and fishing farm constructions

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Sport & Leisure

Equipment associated with leisure and sport activities are perfect examples where both weight saving and strength are essential characteristics of any material incorporated into a design. As an example - additional weight introduced by the battery in personal electric vehicles such as e-bikes, should be offset with lighter and stronger frames made from fiber reinforced thermoplastic tubes.

Examples: Bicycle frame and fitness equipment.

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Thermoplastic composites (CFR TP) in Sports and Leisure market