We're developing the next
generation of tube technology,
to help the world move things
faster, lighter and more
sustainable than ever before.



reduce your CO2 footprint


Reduce your CO2 footprint

Fiber reinforced tubes fit in your mission to continuously improve products and search for new applications. The combination of lightweight, strong and stiff material will support the reduction of material and energy consumption and therefore reduce the CO2 footprint of your product.

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Ready to create your own design

Imagine the possibilities if you replace existing materials and products using fiber reinforced tubes:
optimized design, lighter products with longer lifetime using a circular material. You can easily select the perfect match between thermoplastic material, fiber type and reinforcement direction for your specific application. Our knowledge and design system will support you in making the right choices for your design.

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Introduction video Alformet

Introduction video Alformet

White paper for inspiration

Our white paper informs you about six reasons to use CFR Thermoplastic material for improvement your product design.

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