Glass Fiber Tube

Glass fiber tubes (full name glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic tubes/GFRTP) are the most common choice in lightweight and high strength/stiffness applications (although not so light when compared to carbon). Glass fiber reinforced material has been available for decades in many industries and its value is well understood. Glass fiber provides less stiffness characteristics than carbon fiber, which is advantageous for some specific applications. The perfect combination of strong glass fibers in a protective thermoplastic resin, is a solution that fits in a sustainable world. Not only because of the durability of this material but most importantly because the material can be reused and recycled.

glass fiber tube Alformet

UD-tape with glass fibers

Our laser assisted winding process enables us to produce bespoke tubes from UD tape, with customer specified diameter and length. UD tape consists of endless reinforcement fibers in a thermoplastic resin matrix. While the fibers provide the strength and stiffness, the thermoplastic resin protects the fibers and provides chemical and corrosion resistance.

Other important advantages of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic tubes are the high fatigue resistance and the high impact energy absorption capability (for example in crash worthiness testing).

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  • Lightweight (4 times lower than steel)
  • High strength - moderate stiffness
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant (low maintenance)
  • Excellent impact energy absorption
  • High fatigue resistance


  • Comparable with high performance metal alloys
  • Machinable like metal
  • Clean production process (no emissions or water consumption)
  • Technology with high quality and short process cycle
  • Flexible in diameter, length, wall thickness and reinforcement direction
  • Short delivery time