Our company identity

With our extensive experience in the semi-fabricated metal products business, equipment and the production of composite parts, we offer you more than just a product. We identify ourselves as stakeholders alongside you and make the following promises:

Our purpose

To promote product improvement and development by offering products made with the most modern, smart, high performing and environmentally friendly materials and technologies available.

Our vision

To manufacture and deliver products enabling you to develop ideas and solutions fitting in with not only today’s world, but also meeting the future requirements of your customers and the environment.

Our impact, focus and approach

The products we produce and the materials we select, aim to minimize the CO2 footprint. Fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials are reusable, recyclable and support the reduction of material and energy consumption of products they are incorporated within.

Our manufacturing process is lean, clean, safe and generates no harmful emissions.

We only work with well-respected suppliers, who deliver the highest quality material. In a strictly monitored process at Alformet, we’re able to guarantee you the best product quality for your application.

We’ve adopted the Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) approach to achieve maximum flexibility and minimal delivery times.

Our employees are key for the sustainable development of Alformet and its products. Day by day focus on the improvement of processes, growing knowledge and building skills for a safe, healthy and challenging workplace and the ultimate customer satisfaction.