Apart from all the information about the material, products and markets available on this website, there are much more interesting topics to share. In the blogs shown below, specific topics are published to support you in your search for inspiration and background information.

To provide an insight into applications, materials and other topics, I’ve written some blog articles that should prove helpful. For instance by explaning what makes CFR thermoplastics so powerful and how it compares to metal. About the processing technology that Alformet applies, which belongs to the category of Additive Manufacturing technologies. Explaining what the term insert and overmolding mean and how to connections are created. These and many more, are available in the overview below or by menu selection

CFR Thermoplastics

March 2021 by Theo Mimpen

More information about Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics and how UD-tape is manufactured can be found in this blog.

Metal vs CFR Thermoplastics

March 2021 by Theo Mimpen

Comparing metal and CFR Thermoplastics regarding the crystalline structure and other characteristics, is explained in this blog.

Laser Assisted Tape Winding

September 2021 by Theo Mimpen

A blog about the Laser Assisted Tape Winding Technology (LATW), the background of this technology and its possibilities.

Additive Manufacturing

April 2021 by Theo Mimpen

The Additive Manufacturing technology involves another way of designing products and understanding the functionality of a product. In this blog is shown how the Laser Assisted Tape Winding technology fits in here (Credit image to 9T Labs)

Inserts and Overmolding

March 2021 by Theo Mimpen

What are the so called inserts exactly and how does overmolding work? You can read all about it in this blog.


April 2021 by Theo Mimpen

How do you make connections with other elements when using CFR Thermoplastic products, what options are available? Read it in this blog.


June 2022 by Theo Mimpen

UD tapes are composite materials in which fibers are impregnated unidirectionally with a thermoplastic matrix. The tapes contain endless fibers and the thermoplastic resin or matrix offers the possibility to weld and hot form the material.

Tube Bending

A description of the methods and takeaways from bending trials of CFR TP tubes