To provide an insight into applications, materials and other topics, I’ve written some blog articles that should prove helpful:

  • A deeper insight in the history of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics, the comparison with thermoset material and how UD-tape is manufactured can be found in the CFR Thermoplastics blog;
  • Comparing metal and CFR Thermoplastics regarding the crystalline structure and alloying of elements in metal versus fiber reinforcement in thermoplastics, is explained in Metal vs CFR TP blog;
  • The Additive Manufacturing technology involves another way of designing products and understanding the functionality of a product. In the blog Additive Mfg is shown how the Laser Assisted Tape Winding technology fits in here;
  • A blog about the Laser Assisted Tape Winding Technology (LATW), how the technology works and about its possibilities;
  • What are the so called inserts exactly and how does overmolding work: you can read it in the Inserts & overmolding blog;
  • How do you make connections with other elements from the fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tube and what options are available: read it in the Connections blog.