Our Earth

We take environmental considerations very seriously and recognize that we operate in partnership with the Earth we live on. It is our home and we consider it our responsibility to look after it in the best way we can. We apply this basic philosophy to our business too and every decision and choice we make takes into account the resulting impact on the environment. The choices we’ve made with regard to the materials we use, how our products are manufactured and recycled, and the origin of our energy we require, are all assessed to ensure we make a positive contribution when it comes to environmental concerns. From sourcing our equipment with renewable electricity to our vision of providing light weight, hard wearing, long life and recyclable products that help our customers meet and improve upon their environmental targets - we strive to improve the environment as it is possible to do (see also our ISO14001 certification). We invite you to join us in our journey as we strive to make the world a nicer, cleaner and better place to live.


Sustainability has become a (too) broad and general term. At Alformet sustainability means the following:

  • Reduced consumption of materials by smart design and use of thermoplastic composites;
  • No harmful emissions by applying clean production processes;
  • Reduce energy consumption by saving weight;
  • Long life span in combination with limited maintenance (e.g. no coating requirement);
  • Reuse and recycling to make products and materials 'circular'.

Watch the video from NRK-PVT above about Alformet and sustainability (spoken in Dutch language with English or German subtitles).