Thermoplastic composite tubes

Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic tubes (also called CFRTP tubes) are composite tubes made from thermoplastic material with endless fibers. The continuous fiber offers maximum strength and stiffness as the fibers provide strength to the full diameter and length of the tubes.

The thermoplastic resin and the fibers can be selected many practical combinations. The most common fibers typically selected are:

Carbon tubes Glass Fiber tubes

Reinforcement of tubes

Reinforcement of metal or polymer tubes is an excellent solution to reinforce a structure and maintain specific characteristics of the original tube. Examples are the reinforcement of metal in a hydraulic cylinder where the tribological characteristics of metal are combined with the strength/stiffness of the CFR Thermoplastic layers on the exterior of the metal liner.


Overmolding is a technology to encapsulate a CFR thermoplastic tube with a thermoplastic material using injection molding, to optimize the application of lightweight material while combining with a connection.