FRP (fiber reinforced polymers) is the collective name for polymer based materials that offer a unique combination of properties like low weight and high strength and stiffness. Due to those versatile properties, engineers have been applying it since long in the aerospace industry. Nowadays these materials find their way in many other markets like automotive, offshore/marine, industrial applications and also in sports (like for instance Formula One and cycling).

Alformet is active in the field of the fiber reinforced thermoplastics (FRTP), that offers further advantages in processing technology, properties and the ability to recycle. In the page called "Our process", you can find more details about the materials and about the technology we apply.


Which types of FRP's are offered by Alformet?

Alformet supplies many combinations of fibers and thermoplastics, which are supplied to us as UD-tapes and processed in-house with the LATW technology. The most known and applied fiber based groups are CFRP (carbon fiber based) and GFRP (glass fiber based) materials, which are at Alformet available in the thermoplastic variant. Furthermore fibers like Aramid, Basalt and Natural fibers are finding their way in specific applications and can be combined with many thermoplastics, being offered as UD-tapes in the market.

In the submenu below, you will find more information about the two material groups that are mostly applied:


Lay-up of reinforced polymers