The company Alformet

Alformet was founded in 2020 by three highly experienced engineers, all with a passion for the semi-fabricated metal/composite products industry. Our extensive experience with the technology associated with semi-fabricated tubes formed the foundation for our company. Our in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of fiber reinforced thermoplastics, manufacturing processes and delivery, positions us very firmly at the forefront of this high technology market. We offer advice from initial concept through to the detailed design of your perfect fiber reinforced thermoplastic tubes. With your requirements and the highest quality in mind, we can then manufacture and deliver efficiently to your desired location.

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Our customer value proposition

‘Alformet provides an alternative for metal tubes, tailored to your specific requirements. Our aim is to help our customers improve on the performance of their products through the compelling advantages associated with weight reduction, increased strength, stiffness and wear resistance. Our products are also recyclable - providing an environmentally friendly, cost effective and fully manageable life cycle.

We strive to fully understand your requirements and exceed your expectations on quality, service and delivery, no matter the size of your project or business.’